Simple setup

The key to ReviewDriven is the properties array. Sensible defaults and property inheritance combine to minimize the manual input of properties. In many cases, the default values are exactly what you need for a review.

Sensible defaults

For example, to setup an automtated testing job on the Drupal SimpleTest module, the only property you need to enter is shown below. Often, the repository URL can be copied and pasted from the website of the repository host.

'vcs' => array(
'' => 'git://',
'sites/all/modules/simpletest' => 'git://',

Property inheritance

Groups inherit properties from their parent group, if any. Similarly, jobs inherit properties defined by their group. This inheritance eliminates the repetitive input of needed properties.

Powerful configuration options

As mentioned, many properties do not need to be entered because of sensible defaults. However, by overriding the defaults, you can fine tune the properties to meet special use cases, configurations, and operating environments.

In addition, the Setup and Build properties allow you to specify commands to be run before and after your project code is checked out from your repository. These two properties provide significant additional flexibility in the event other properties do not meet your needs. If you encounter a use case not met by the properties, let us know and we can work together on a solution.